Digital Water

The Digital Twin Auxiliary Applications (DT-AUXS) is part of our Digital Water programme, in which we have collected our different digital products and services. These can be applied jointly or separately so as to make the design, realisation, management and maintenance of water infrastructure more efficient and to save costs.


Your organisation is responsible for the design, realisation and maintenance of critical water infrastructure. You accomplish this by applying a large number of different tools. You dispose of quality data which you should be able to use in a targeted manner, enabling you to carry out your tasks even better. However, this data stream just keeps on growing because of the application of increasingly advanced forms of data generation, acquisition and storage. In response, you have decided to develop a suitable platform, and you are now in the starting blocks as you prepare to equip your infrastructure even better for the future.

You also want to have near real-time access to an up-to-date picture of your infrastructure. An indispensable precondition is that the system be foolproof, and provide an accurate and traceable picture of the actual condition of your water infrastructure. You want to be able to conduct your stress-tests and optimise your management and maintenance. Efficiency and cost-saving are of central importance. The set of DT-AUXS cluster tools offers you a wide variety of services and products along four dimensions (data management, condition monitoring, analytical tools, cascading) for the digital management of your water infrastructure.

What DT-AUXS offers

  • Development of database connections and user support. Twin-to-Systems-of-Record integration.
  • Integration of real-time infrastructure data and user support. Twin-to-Device integration.
  • Development and integration of required models and user support. Twin-to-system-of-Intelligence integration.
  • Development of connection with other DTs and user support. Twin-to-Twin integration.

Setting to work with DT-AUXS

We will set to work with your organisation by exploring (DT-SCOPE) how we can implement the most important functionalities of a DT approach with your current digital tools. Based on this analysis, we will then elaborate a programme of requirements for a DT approach. The contours of a DT platform are part of this. The associated function requirements will be converted, using DT-AMBO, into a functional platform design. With DT-AUXS you can further build the various DT functions supported by the platform. DT-AUXS will be implemented in close collaboration with diTTo, our international Digital Twin Company.

Do you have a DT-AUXS idea?

Do you have your own idea about how DT-AUXS can be used in your specific situation? Are you wondering about how you could develop your own digital world without relinquishing control of it? We would be happy to share our experiences with you.


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