What we do

We work with our clients in developing robust cities, which are prepared for the future and are resilient to adversities. In metropolitan areas space is frequently scarce, and because of the infrastructural density, extreme weather events can cause considerable damage. Flooding and drought can for instance affect the condition of foundations, roads, trees, transport pipelines and cables. Dareius has developed two tools to deal with these problems:

With the URBRAIN tool, we develop coherent and reliable urban water infrastructures with corresponding water management.

With the RESCIDO toolbox, we bring about a balance between the supply and demand of urban water, both above- and underground. We do this at different scales, from a few construction sites to an entire city.

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For more information about Resilient Urban Water, please contact us at:

Dennis Kuijk MSc dkuijk@dareius.com +31 6 82 92 14 88
Want to know more?